World crisis

2011/08/10 - 00:30


Since I haven't found it on the web (an hour searching in google, several langauges) I'll just have to do it myself: a simple chronological overview of the countries that got in trouble after the start of the crisis in 2008. I understand it became official with the crash of Lehman Brothers, although apparently there had been signs all over long before. I happened to be in the US when all they talked about was the great bail-out that would solve everything. Poor Obama having to clean up all the mess afterwards (including of course Iraq and Afghanistan). 

Anyway, I will also include important things in this list, not just the financial/economic boohoo, but also the social movements in the north of Africa, the spanish spring and now those surprising, unexpected and deceivingly violent riots in London (I thought english were so well-behaved, although on the other hand, they do export hooliganism...).

In my opinion it is all part of the same something definitely not working in this society.



But first I' have to document and find this chronology of thing happening in the world this year.