The start of Independency

2013/03/06 - 23:45

Starting point

The Independency Project, as part of the Human Progress idea, means to be independent from race, nation, religion, banks and the markets, and wants to share and spread this thought, as well as to search for possitilities to develop this towards a workable option as way of life both for the individual person as for society as a whole ("el colectivo"), giving expression to the idea of "Be the change you want to see in the world!". Aware of the fact that everything is always a  "β"-version, this could implicate constant change and adaption although not necessarily.



(could be extended and split up)

  1. Nature First!
  2. Sustainability
  3. Cradle to Cradle
  4. Back to our roots (bring production and consumption back closer together)
  5. Decentralize, leave the cities!
  6. Make Programmed Obsolescens obsolete!
  7. Free CopyRights and Patents (or at least make them temporary, no longer than 10 years)
  8. End Bank Secrecy and shut down Tax Havens



Independency Project seeks independence from: 

  1. Banks
    1. End Bank Secrecy & Tax Havens
    2. Tobin Tax
    5. Eva Joly, Stéphane Hessel, 15M, Movimento 5 Stelle, Anonymous, Occupy, DRY, Stopdesahucios, PAH
  2. Large Industry/Corporations
    1. Bring production and consumption back closer together again
    2. Decentralization
  3. Main Stream Media (MSM) and publicity overload 
    Increase costs of publicity, decrease presence and impact - it has NO added value for society, on the contrary...
    1. 100% VAT on Publicity (on MSM, for companies on stock-exchange or fortune 500)
  4. Education & Politics
    1. For a better society, not just for more profit
    2. Closer to nature and the origin of natural things (food, life!)
      until 6-12 grow up out of the city with just few "things" and more nature! 
    3. Depend less on corporate production and distribution, be more selfsucient (networks of smaller corporations)
  5. Science
    1. Limited patents and copy-right (10 years), so knowledge is publicly available for society
      (how would humanity have developed if "the wheel" would have been patented by General Motors, or "print" by Apple?)
    2. Free energy (recover and investigate all the free energy engine myths - Tesla!)
  6. Employment
    1. Introduce Maximum wages by LAW!
      Objective: nobody to earn 12 times more than anyone else (max: in a month the same as other in a year)
      Slowly start introducing with 100x in one company, later extend.
    2. If unemployed, 
      possibility to engage in un-destruction of nature (reforest, clean oceans, recycle...)
  1. Global Opinion
    Transparent Global Public Opinion & Statistics
  2. Rate-this-Place
  3. InspirationTree
  4. Conceptsource
  5. V2R
    Deliver even if you only have virtual references
  6. Telekinesium
    Search for possible higher human capacities (if not individual, maybe collective?)