NGOs & Movements: unite against BANK SECRECY!

2013/03/08 - 01:15

Knowing that all serious Global Problems are caused by Large Scale Corruption (political, corporate and other crime), which is allowed, sustained and even stimulated by the existence of BANK SECRECY, all NGOs, Activist groups and Movements should include ABOLITION of BANK SECRECY, as a primary, additional but constant part of their demands!

Surely each NGO or Movement will be aware that the specific problem they fight for, in defense of: nature, climate, human rights, women, children, animals, etc. finds its origin directly or indirectly in Large Scale Corruption.

Because it is mainly institutional, industrial, corporate and other criminal corruption that benefits from, leads to or allows war, organized crime, violation of human rights and destruction of nature. Either Greenpeace, WWF, Doctors without Fronteers, Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Intermon, Oxfam, the Occupy Movements and all the organizations that defend human rights, citizen's rights or nature are actually fighting the different consequences of one and the same main problem higher up the chain: Corruption. But they do it in a scattered way, each in it's own field. 

If all these organizations just would UNITE under the primary claim to ABOLISH BANK SECRECY, they would cover at least 50% of all their claims, stand more powerful together and have far greater impact on the Global Public Opinion as a whole. This would considerably increase the pressure on governments and corporations and accellerate the process of breaking down the biggest fraud and injustice that threat global democracy.

European Spring