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Even over overpopulatie...

Ik kwam dit tegen in de wandelgangen: "Zelfs als je alle mensen neemt die ooit op deze aarde hebben gelopen (ongeveer 108 miljard) en je gooit ze op een hoop , Dan kun je de grand cannyon er niet meer vullen..." Conclusie, overpopulatie is een hoax. (aaaaaahhhhh)

Met Hans Rosling als ondersteunend argument:


Ik zie dat heel anders.


From ‘Demos’ to ‘Podemos’: Popular Uprisings in Greece and Spain

2015/02/20 - 23:30

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What they want is basically the same as Iceland, the only one European country (although not in the Euro) with guts sofar: stop playing the unfair game of the banks, where "the bank always wins" or in other words, the people always loose.

Science links & references

2011/08/23 - 12:30

Regarding to science, my main interest is true science, nuclear physics and astronomy, the worlds of the tiniest and the hugest. Where does it all come from and how does it work (deep down inside). Derived from it also geology, the science that tries to show the proofs of some of the theories from the other two.


World crisis

2011/08/10 - 00:30


Since I haven't found it on the web (an hour searching in google, several langauges) I'll just have to do it myself: a simple chronological overview of the countries that got in trouble after the start of the crisis in 2008. I understand it became official with the crash of Lehman Brothers, although apparently there had been signs all over long before. I happened to be in the US when all they talked about was the great bail-out that would solve everything. Poor Obama having to clean up all the mess afterwards (including of course Iraq and Afghanistan). 

Een betere oplossing voor Griekenland!

2011/07/18 - 12:15

Ik ben ondertussen overgestapt van verontwaardigd (indignado) naar geïnspireerd (inspirado).

Zoals ik het zie kan dat Griekse probleem toch eigenlijk heel eenvoudig opgelost worden. En daarmee tegelijkertijd dat van Portugal, Ierland, IJsland en terloops ook dat van een hoop andere landen.

Ik ben me ervan bewust dat het volgens de officiële organen wel te simpel bekeken zal zijn, maar toch, waarom nou niet gewoon: De belastingparadijzen afschaffen!


Modern Society

2010/02/19 - 15:15

Most of modern society is (still) based on economic gain.

Many (most) people nowadays will find this logic, because they don't know anything else and society has worked like that for generations. Thus they think this is unalterable. As in former eras people thought it was unalterable that society were mainly based on war or on religion or on some feudal system or that the earth was flat. The same way that these ancient convictions turned out not to be necessarily true, it could turn out that economics does not necessarily have to be the base of society.

God en religie

2009/09/21 - 12:45

The origin of religions

inspired by and commented on:


The concept of god(s) was invented (yes, invented!) in times that people had no education, no culture and did not know anything about nature or science. Information was scarce and communication almost null. Most of humanity was poor, hungry, sick and afraid of everything.
They NEEDED to believe in someone "up there" who would keep an eye on them.  And they NEEDED to have the ilusion there could be a better life in stead (after) the life they had. They NEEDED to believe in miracles and would accept any kind of promise even if the arguments were weak and the facts not verifyable.


2009/10/16 - 14:15

Como es bien sabido las empresas que más reclamaciones generan son las empresas de telecomunicaciones, aunque las constructoras e inmobiliarias parecen estar haciendo un esfuerzo contínuo para desbancarlas. También están los bancos, el sector médico y la propia administración pública.


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