Een nieuwe wereldorde

2009/07/12 - 00:30

(pending vertaling)

As long as I remember, I have always felt lucky to live in the current times (and in Europe, actually, Holland). I developed this conscience at a young age when I started to understand how fine a life we (I) had comparing to what the middle ages must have been; misery, hunger, cold, the plague, war and political, religious and moral oppression... That alone was enough to feel happy about any circumstance I could be in.


However, when, next, I learned that the majority of the world still lives under those circumstances, I felt guilty and ashamed to start with and then kind of angry. Why should people in these times still have to live in those circumstances?

It takes a lifetime to reveal the dark mechanisms behind the fact that in the 21st century there are still thousands of millions suffering from misery, hunger, disease, political oppression, religous oppression and wars.. Mechanisms maintained by established orders that don't want to give way and don't believe in (and/or wánt) a fair distribution of wealth, freedom and happiness, but simply want to keep as much as possible of it for themselves.