2009/08/22 - 03:15

I set up this site, basically to experiment with the Drupal Content Management System (since 2007 and suffering it since then, horrible).

While doing so, I'll use it as an outlet for my (sometimes vague and frequently chaotic) thoughts on society and mankind, and my perception of his/her existence, progress, evolution and related observations. I hope to eventually organize these rather unstructered thoughts to something more coherent and share my views with others.

In recent years I have developed a strong affinity and awareness regarding Human Progress and the conviction that 'intelligent' social webs can (should) have a mayor contribution to this - not just for making "friends" and showing off about how "popular" and "cool" you are or professional networking. I consider the internet to be(come) the collective human knowledge and consciousness and, as such, it has (should have) a significant role in collective progress towards a better society and humanity, and maybe a new evolutionairy step.


Money, banks, economy and worse.

2009/07/18 - 02:00


Money is a means.

In the "old times" money didn't exist. People simply exchanged 'products' or 'services'. Eggs for a piece of meat, ....


Most people nowadays have forgotten this. They think of money as a goal. In fact a great deal of society thinks money is a goal and is based on this shortsighted understanding of life.<--break->

A new world order

2009/07/12 - 00:30

As long as I remember, I have always felt lucky to live in current times (and in Europe, actually, Holland). I developed this conscience at a young age when I started to understand how fine a life I (we) had comparing to what the middle ages must have been; misery, hunger, cold, the plague, war, political oppression and religious oppression... That alone was enough to feel happy about any circumstance I could be in.

The established order

2009/07/11 - 01:30

The established order

The "Established Order" (let's say EO) is a concept that can be considered at several scale levels running from small and short term to large and long term. We all know the small scale, generally short term, Established Order by personal experience, being our parents/tutors the first established order we have to deal with. Then there is the teachers, the police or your boss.

The large scale established order is generally not represented by a specific person that we deal with directly, even if in many cases it does have direct influence on our lives, sometimes even without being aware: emperors, kings and queens, spiritual leaders, religions, governments and most recently: banks and the international mega-coorporations.<--break->

Social web exchange

2009/07/06 - 16:30

Social Web Exchange - profilecenter (4)

share and unify for social webs: not only access details (already exists), but also profile 
one central place for your profile where you can choose what goes to which social web
structured social web listing
met eigen statistics, gender, age, country, (not sold but public!!)
mensen kunnen zelf kiezen welke data publiek zijn, verschillende levels definieren
!! beginnen met het integreren van eigen en andere Drupal SW's !!



Cosmic force

2009/07/06 - 15:45

I believe in a cosmic force "out there" that maintains balance all over the universe.

Both "What the bleep..." as "the Secret" refer to this greater universal or cosmic mechanism as a kind of energy that's out there waiting to be used. Strong intention with the right mindset would be the instrument to get it working for you. I think is should be possible.

Sociale webs

2009/07/05 - 02:15

Ik beschouw internet als de belangrijkste uitvinding voor de menselijke vooruitgang na de boekdrukkunst.

A new economic order

2009/02/17 - 00:30

A new (economic) order


1 - should reduce Production Push and Buying Craze (PPBC)

The famous Ps of the marketing mixed could well be associated differently to the describe the current economic order:

Publicity Pushes Products Producing Poor People

Poor people in two ways:

Human evolution

2009/07/05 - 00:15

First an inspiring thought:

If you are thinking a year ahead, sow seed.
If you are thinking 10 years ahead, plant a tree.
If you are thinking 100 years ahead, educate the people.

Old Chinese saying


But I wonder...

What then if you want to try to think 1000 years ahead?



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