2009/08/22 - 03:15

I set up this site, basically to experiment with the Drupal Content Management System (since 2007 and suffering it since then, horrible).

While doing so, I'll use it as an outlet for my (sometimes vague and frequently chaotic) thoughts on society and mankind, and my perception of his/her existence, progress, evolution and related observations. I hope to eventually organize these rather unstructered thoughts to something more coherent and share my views with others.

In recent years I have developed a strong affinity and awareness regarding Human Progress and the conviction that 'intelligent' social webs can (should) have a mayor contribution to this - not just for making "friends" and showing off about how "popular" and "cool" you are or professional networking. I consider the internet to be(come) the collective human knowledge and consciousness and, as such, it has (should have) a significant role in collective progress towards a better society and humanity, and maybe a new evolutionairy step.


Human progress


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I don't have a favorite network yet. And maybe never will...


Here are some of my projects, most under continuous (or stuck Drupal) development:

Income focused:

  • SOL Spain On Line - may 1997, ASP(X) - not actively maintained anymore
    Tourist info and bookings for Spain. The first web and source of income.
  • Sevilla Online ES - sep 2007, HTML
    As support for SOL to cover up the lack of languages there.
  • On-map.net - nov 2007, under Drupal 5, initiated with Thomas Eagle
    Intended to be something like SOL but world-wide, open source and community focused
  • InfoNuevaYork ES - feb 2008, HTML
    The opposite of SOL: instead of attracting people to Spain, taking spanish abroad.
  • VisitarAmsterdam.info - may 2008, under Drupal 5 with/mostly by Thomas Eagle
    Should have been a satellite page from on-map.net. 
    Development stopped due to limited possiblities and huge barreers in multilanguage on Drupal 5.
Social Web Inspirations, non-profit focused:
  • GlobalOpinion.eu - nov 2008, under Drupal 5 with/mostly by Thomas Eagle
    Renovated under Drupal 6 summer 2011
  • Riccardobarbieri.com - Jan 2009, 
    this site, my first attempt to do Drupal on my own (D6)
  • Club8.info - april 2009, Drupal 6 
    my student fraternity (jaarclub) from Delft as continued practice of Drupal 6
  • JvB3.info - july 2009, Drupal 6 (first version under asp launched at 03/03/03)
    and another... my old student flat/dorm - Delft University of Technology
  • Human Progres Net
    A first intent of what I expressed above as "I hope to eventually organize these rather unstructered thoughts..."
    This time under Wordpress, since both Drupal CMS as Drupal community turned out to be so profoundly unmanagable and frustrating, that, Drupal actually held me back and prevented me from organizing those thoughts, instead of helping me advance (and it still does).
  • Independency Project
    A new try on Drupal (march 2013), after taking a long break for recovery, because Wordpress does not offer a valid language management option. Besides I wanted to be somewhat more in charge of my own DataBase instead of leaving it to one of "them" (essentially US internet corporations). This was just some months before global hero Edward Snowden confirmed the sneaky, secretive, manipulative meddling of American (Five Eyes) Intelligence all over the Internet.
    The desire to make a personal contribution to how, IMHO, this world could become a better place, was strong enough to actually push me back to Drupal again, "even" if I knew I would had to cope with all the foreseeable trouble, getting stuck, frustration and considerable reduction of true productivity (90% problems) that inevitably comes with Drupal.
    Resuming: as I see it this world and society only would need 3 fundamental changes:
    1. Abolish Bank Secrecy & Offshore "banking" (Treasure Islands)
      to eradicate Global Corruption, the main cause of War, Terrorism, Crime, Violation of Human Rights and Destruction of Nature
    2. Shift from Corporations to Cooperatives
      in other words from greed-based, competetive, large-scaled, centralized, hierarchic profit-obsession 
      to sufficiency-based, shared, collective, collaborative small networks without centralized, ruling (and therefore inevitably corrupt) elites
    3. A new spirituallity and awareness/consciousness
      Definitely not religion (and most certainly not mono-theistic) where some superior being(s) rule, judge and decide over us, turning the masses into meek and passive sheep in a stagnant system, while taking away any responsibility from the "authorities", because it's the (unreveiled, omni-absent) "Boss's" will.
      The new spirituallity would recognize the active roll, input and responsibility of each individual, within a universally shared and collective, continuous, dynamic development.
  • Inspirationtree.org
    A place for global mutual inspirations on all levels. Not yet developed due to Drupal.


Drupal and lost opportunities

It's terrible shame, that Drupal CMS and it's community are so enormously much less (user)friendly as they claim to be. Up to the present day I have not been able to develop any of my social web inspirations any further than say 30% of the initial idea, while spending most of the dedicated hours and years (90%) just on being stuck and searching or waiting for answers to the unending, countless Drupal problems. I am sure there must be hundreds if not thousands of other people, who have gone through the same infsufferable frustration over and over again, until they finally gave up on using Drupal and maybe even dropped their whole idea of building a website at all, being a lost opportunity of what might have been a magnificent concept.



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