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Monday, 17 February, 2014 - 19:45

In recent years (started by the more than obvious fake and fraudulent victory of someone like G.W. Bush for president of the supposedly most powerful and 'developed' nation in the world in the year 2000) I have developed a growing affinity and awareness regarding Human Progress and the conviction that intelligent virtual communities can and will have a mayor contribution to this. I consider the internet to represent the collective human knowledge, creativity & consciousness and, as such, it plays (should play) a significant role in the global process, which should be free and transparant, towards a truly human society. 

Despite my education focused on consumer products, marketing and design, I turned away from the corrupt overproduction and overconsumption model that dominates modern society. I find it is mainly based on pure artificial and essentially materialistic satisfaction. The induced and excesive consumption required to guarantee 'growth' for face-less and spirit-less corporations, supposedly in the name of, mainly industrial, progress, is clearly a dead end street. In my opinion it is quite a fake kind of progress and too often it leads to violation of human rights and/or yet increasing destruction of our natural environment and the planet. 

Thus, my personal interests and preferences have grown towards the non-profit sector (foundations and cooperatives) and activities that help reduce the destructive impact of unlimited industrial growth, which is the basis of the current globalized model. 

I believe globalization is about something far more human, harmonic, natural and sustainable than money and big industry is imposing upon all of us.  Globalization should be about the harmony amongst humans as well as harmony between humans and other beings, nature and our planet.


Zo'n goeie video dit...

Het combineert precies alles zoals ik dat ook stapje voor stapje ben gaan doen sinds 2011 zo'n beetje:

Links & References

Sunday, 29 December, 2013 - 20:45

A new (clean) economic and social order - Society 2.0

  1. Nature first!
    This is so obvious that it needs no explanation.
    I actually think that more than thinking in just "sustainability" we should start talking RECOVERY. We should do better than just to avoid making even a bigger mess of our planet and sadly accept to "sustain" the mess we are already so accostumed to. 
    Those who don't see this as the global priority should consider go living on an artifical colony on mars. This will also be of help to reduce the overpopulation by the human species on earth.
  2. Down with Bank Secrecy 
    It hides one third of global wealth and stimulates 90% of corruption (destructive large-scale global corruption) 
    Redistribute the money and forget about that invented 'crisis'.
  3. Criminalize corruption (which by definition includes having a secret account on tax havens)
    1 year of prison per million Euros under Bank Secrecy, no questions asked - more than 10 million = equal to murder.
    Companies pay back double the amount that they have on tax havens.
    Delegalize obscure financial products/speculation;
  4. Create new public and transparant banking system
    accounts and financial transactions of this bank publicly available through internet
    with supreme control and input by citizens.

De rol van Europa

Sunday, 21 December, 2014 - 18:00

Europa gaat niet over geld of financiële instellingen, Europa gaat over de mensen en de maatschappij!
Natúúrlijk is niemand blij met een Europese Gemeenschap die alleen maar denkt, praat en blaat in macro-economische termen. Dan kan je net zo goed thuis blijven (oftewel, in je eigen land).

Genezen van de moderne maatschappij

Saturday, 21 February, 2015 - 12:15

Prioritaire wereldproblemen die opgelost moeten worden

Eigenlijk bestaat er maar één fundamenteel probleem op wereldschaal, dat vervolgens leidt naar alle volgende problemen die oplossing behoeven.



de verborgen kapitaalstromen stimuleren blinde hebzucht en daarmee de belangrijkste misdaden op wereldnivo:

From ‘Demos’ to ‘Podemos’: Popular Uprisings in Greece and Spain

2015/02/20 - 23:30

Mijn reactie op een Facebook post:

What they want is basically the same as Iceland, the only one European country (although not in the Euro) with guts sofar: stop playing the unfair game of the banks, where "the bank always wins" or in other words, the people always loose.

Science links & references

2011/08/23 - 12:30

Regarding to science, my main interest is true science, nuclear physics and astronomy, the worlds of the tiniest and the hugest. Where does it all come from and how does it work (deep down inside). Derived from it also geology, the science that tries to show the proofs of some of the theories from the other two.


World crisis

2011/08/10 - 00:30


Since I haven't found it on the web (an hour searching in google, several langauges) I'll just have to do it myself: a simple chronological overview of the countries that got in trouble after the start of the crisis in 2008. I understand it became official with the crash of Lehman Brothers, although apparently there had been signs all over long before. I happened to be in the US when all they talked about was the great bail-out that would solve everything. Poor Obama having to clean up all the mess afterwards (including of course Iraq and Afghanistan). 

A better solution for Greece!

2011/07/19 - 19:15

I have already made the step from indignant (indignado) to inspired (inspirado).

As I see it the greek problem would actually have an easy solution. At the same time it would be also a solution for countries like Portugal, Ireland or Iceland and, as a matter of fact, most countries if not all. Surely the official institutions will consider it a too simple point of view or even naive, but even so, why not just:

Stop Corruption, End Tax Havens!



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