Suffering Drupal

Drupal is worse than many politicians. Says and promises a lot, but most of it does not work out of the box as they want to make you believe. Kind of the same way you do not really get "happy" when you drink coca cola, as they always claim in their sassy publicity.

Still trying videos - Drupalsux 002

  1. Video thumbnail with link!!
    both for video-embed fields as videos within content (WYSIWYG)
    However video thumbnail frequently brings problems
    and including a link is simply impossible.
  2. Open in colorbox/lightbox
    if Drupal just were able to do the above,
    then colorbox/lightbox most surely should not be a problem



Probleem met GeoPHP? 

zoiets als: "Exception: Invalid GeoJSON: GeometryCollection with no component geometries a GeoJSON->objToGeometryCollection() "

Loosing life on Drupal

To have a precise follow up on how one looses life-time trying to get things working with Drupal is an impossible task. Besides the time you loose just trying to get things working, one would need double the time to also report it with all the search for solutions to the endless number of bugs, patches and other problems. It's like a giant rubik's cube where every time you fix one side/color, you find out you just messed up other two or three... "Fortunately" I don't seem to be the only one with this problem.


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