Money, banks, economy and worse.

2009/07/18 - 02:00


Money is a means.

In the "old times" money didn't exist. People simply exchanged 'products' or 'services'. Eggs for a piece of meat, ....


Most people nowadays have forgotten this. They think of money as a goal. In fact a great deal of society thinks money is a goal and is based on this shortsighted understanding of life.<--break->

Objective = Gain as much as possible & spend as little as possible -> net result: BENEFIT!

Frequently this gets so important that others' interest may be crushed by it. Those others can be other people, other (smaller/weaker) companies and even other nations. And one of the 'better' ways to achieve BENEFIT is speculation. Speculation is done with real estate, raw materials, speculation on countries' debts and even speculation on money itself and on speculation itself. This creates a never ending spiral of virtual and unrealistic money-making (for some) that consistently worsens equal distribution of wealth and an ever increasing stress on natural resources.


This thought eventually ended up integrated in