Cosmic force

2009/07/06 - 15:45

I believe in a cosmic force "out there" that maintains balance all over the universe.

Both "What the bleep..." as "the Secret" refer to this greater universal or cosmic mechanism as a kind of energy that's out there waiting to be used. Strong intention with the right mindset would be the instrument to get it working for you. I think is should be possible.

In my opinion the religions simply were an ancient translation of this mechanism into something personifed (?) and thus recognizable for the simple uncultured and illiterate people of centuries gone by. Basically just another way of refering to it... It helped most and still helps many to focus their hopes, believes or intentions and it gives people the force to continue even if all options seem to have disappeared.

Problem is that along the way it all derived into something else and converted into power and money play, stuffed with some irrelevant but oppressing morals and so on.

In the secret they make a nice comparison between god and this cosmic energy.


And then there is also the 0 point field, seems to be scientifically proved (see wikipedia) and promoted/brought into your life/commercialized by Lynn McTaggart. Not only does she explain how to use the 0 point field. she also executes the intention experiment over the web! As she calls it: the largest mind over matter experiment of the history.


Internal power of individual persons

For lack of a better place, references go here for the moment

    Our current perception of reality is one that includes consumerism and materialism. It is one of being born, going to school, working to make money, retire and more. We all have a collective perception of how the world is, we all have a similar idea of what the world is like and we all think that we have to follow the same path. Human beings are rapidly waking up to truth, in doing so we change our perception of how things are. 
    Fractals are said to be "self-similar": any subsystem of a fractal system reflects the whole system. Fractals appear similar at all levels of magnification and have been described as "a way of seeing infinity." As with holograms, the whole contains all the parts, and all of the parts reflect the nature of the whole: the whole and the parts are again inextricably linked. Fractals are found throughout nature.