Still trying videos - Drupalsux 002

2016/01/06 - 13:30
  1. Video thumbnail with link!!
    both for video-embed fields as videos within content (WYSIWYG)
    However video thumbnail frequently brings problems
    and including a link is simply impossible.
  2. Open in colorbox/lightbox
    if Drupal just were able to do the above,
    then colorbox/lightbox most surely should not be a problem


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford


However, in creating this article, discovering that at least a video thumbnail appears in edit-mode (in content, not field! WYSIWYG), very execptional for drupal media module... (not really essential, but maybe a slight indication towards getting media module to work on real pages too...)
Checking configuration:

  1. insert another video
  2. Astrology for the Soul December 30, 2015

    Format: Large
  3. Where were video-formats defined again?
    And how were are thumnails for edit-mode defined again? Is it what `they`call preview?
  4. The associated video page turns out to be:
    found through:
  5. Ok... so, into the first rabbit-hole 01: File Types
    (manage fields, manage display and manage file display (difference, please?) each with: default, link, preview, small, large, original - maybe here we can see that thumbnail+link simply does not exist - it is of course two things at the same time, which may be too much for Drupal)
    Changing the Preview view mode could have unintended side effects such as breaking the Media browser or WYSIWYG integration.
    Only change these display settings if you know what you are doing. Blablabla
    file display format: visible... (no further options)
    Selected and ordered (with display settings):
    - youtube preview image - colorbox-style
    - youtube video - 640x390
    - image - thumbnail 100x100
    (never understood this ordering, the first one seems the only to be used always, so why select more?)
  6. Continue to rabbit-hole 02: Image Styles
    thumbnail 100x100, medium 220x220, large (480x480), square-thumbnail (which seems to be the name/path Media module searches for but never finds), colorbox-style, full-body (640)
  7. so colorbox-style is defined: Scale and crop 220x220, that's all
  8. Inspect element (chrome, see source code)
    each video carries a shitload of code making your site stupidly massive and insufferably slow
    this would be avoided if Media Module would just plainly and simply offer a preview-image with link, instead of the rendered video.