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NGOs & Movements: unite against BANK SECRECY!

2013/03/08 - 01:15

Knowing that all serious Global Problems are caused by Large Scale Corruption (political, corporate and other crime), which is allowed, sustained and even stimulated by the existence of BANK SECRECY, all NGOs, Activist groups and Movements should include 

End Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens

2013/03/07 - 21:00

Message send to


Dear sirs,

I profoundly agree with your mission, since I believe the existence of Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens to be the Black Hole of global society and cause of the main threat to real democracy: large-scale corruption (institutional and corporate), convinced that it leads to most of the wars, organized crime, violation of human rights and the destruction of the planet. All for personal gain.

The start of Independency

2013/03/06 - 23:45

Starting point

The Independency Project, as part of the Human Progress idea, means to be independent from race, nation, religion, banks and the markets, and wants to share and spread this thought, as well as to search for possitilities to develop this towards a workable option as way of life both for the individual person as for society as a whole ("el colectivo"), giving expression to the idea of "Be the change you want to see in the world!". Aware of the fact that everything is always a  "β"-version, this could implicate constant change and adaption although not necessarily.

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