End Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens

2013/03/07 - 21:00

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Dear sirs,

I profoundly agree with your mission, since I believe the existence of Bank Secrecy and Tax Havens to be the Black Hole of global society and cause of the main threat to real democracy: large-scale corruption (institutional and corporate), convinced that it leads to most of the wars, organized crime, violation of human rights and the destruction of the planet. All for personal gain.

But I am just one simple world citizen and cannot do much from my current situation. However I do everything to support, promote or share references and information of organizations like yourself.


I have two questions:


  1. Since there is no reference to it on your website: aren't you planning or preparing to engage in the European Spring(s), planned for march and possibly may? And the "World March" in September? Don't you think your demand/protest should be ongoing until reaching your goal?
  2. Don't you think it would be transparent and at the same time stimulating for your public to have more feedback and see how many people have already engaged in your action, just like one can see at change.org or avaaz?


There are also two reasons why I contact you out just of the blue. 

  1. The fact that you are several NGOs uniting is exactly what I think should happen more and on a greater scale as I expose at: 
  2. The fact that you may be the only open and serious petition to close Tax Havens. I made an attempt to find petitions of this kind and found myself with a deception since all the existing ones on change.org or avaaz are closed, with a very low number of participants and having lived a very short life it seems, exposed at:


Looking forward to hear from you.