W2S Feeds


  • Parser: Common syndication parser Parse XML feeds in RSS 1, RSS 2 and Atom format.
  • Node processor: Bundle = W2S Apartments content type
  • Mapping: Item GUID and Item Url
    But no idea what to do with the other fields/sources (An element from the feed.) 
    - how does Mapping know what elements are in the source? Have to indicate somewhere? Or is it some 'automatic' thing?
    trying now.

First try

Right.... no imported items....

Maar... onafhankelijke "W2S Feeds" (attach to content type) en "W2S Apartments" (bundle) pagina lijkt wel te kloppen.
misschien moet "W2S Feeds" dezelfde velden hebben om die te kunnen gebruiken in mapping?
Drupal zelf zegt: " If a content type is selected a source is imported by creating a node of that content type."

nou... morrege...