As I See It

Monday, 17 February, 2014 - 19:45

In recent years (started by the more than obvious fake and fraudulent victory of someone like G.W. Bush for president of the supposedly most powerful and 'developed' nation in the world in the year 2000) I have developed a growing affinity and awareness regarding Human Progress and the conviction that intelligent virtual communities can and will have a mayor contribution to this. I consider the internet to represent the collective human knowledge, creativity & consciousness and, as such, it plays (should play) a significant role in the global process, which should be free and transparant, towards a truly human society. 

Despite my education focused on consumer products, marketing and design, I turned away from the corrupt overproduction and overconsumption model that dominates modern society. I find it is mainly based on pure artificial and essentially materialistic satisfaction. The induced and excesive consumption required to guarantee 'growth' for face-less and spirit-less corporations, supposedly in the name of, mainly industrial, progress, is clearly a dead end street. In my opinion it is quite a fake kind of progress and too often it leads to violation of human rights and/or yet increasing destruction of our natural environment and the planet. 

Thus, my personal interests and preferences have grown towards the non-profit sector (foundations and cooperatives) and activities that help reduce the destructive impact of unlimited industrial growth, which is the basis of the current globalized model. 

I believe globalization is about something far more human, harmonic, natural and sustainable than money and big industry is imposing upon all of us.  Globalization should be about the harmony amongst humans as well as harmony between humans and other beings, nature and our planet.

That second rescue of Greece was for me the final trigger to try and start to consciously and actively add my grain of sand to the process toward a better society for ALL (not just for a few selfish nitwits) and taking in account our planet, resulting in the creation of websites like:

  • Independency Project
    That is: independency of individual people and small groups from the tyranny of productionism (not consumerism!) and big industry.  Here I compiled just a bit of the corruption, hypocrisy and injustice of this modern 'civilization' we all are born and live in. We simply do not know any other kind of society, while there have been thousands of different cultures through history, most of which have been swapped away by Colonialism of white, monotheistic and, generally, male Europeans.
    However, this site basically focuses on all that is not good in our modern society and as such is essentially negative. Since concentrating on the bad things does not lead to any solution, I decided to stop dedicating (most of) my time and effort in simply accumulating all the bad stuff. So I shifted my focus.     
  • Human Progress
    That is: the progress of humanity viewed on a large scale, a geologic scale. Not just some ten or twenty years ahead as does shortsighted power, money or big industry, but ten, twenty or even a hundred generations ahead, as do evolution and mother nature itself. And not just the evolution of life on earth, but, in fact, the cosmic evolution itself: the ever ongoing evolution of all that is in the universe!
    In the first place Human Progress wants to spread the highest existent knowledge on our existence itself, to get people to understand that problems associated to money and materialism are irrelevant compared to the magnificance and magic of nature itself.
    In the second place it wants to encourage people to think further than that what is already know, thought or theorized about. To take new theories further than existing hypotesis could eventually allow for a new step in the cosmic evolution, our own evolution!
    However, the Human Progress philosophy may be too far fetched for most people. Considerably more people would need to be open already to the required out-of-the-box thinking (out of money, industry and the traditional 'work' culture). At the same time, first some more worldly issues should be overcome before it even makes sense to even consider any concept that extends the next generation, because in the way modern society is developing we most probably will not reach the end of this century, either because of a next, fatal war or because of the collapse of nature on this planet (back to only insects for example) due to climate change or another natural catastrophy caused by men and his industry.
    In current times, a shorter term and smaller scale project would be more in its place. What better than a project that supports and stimulates the idea of a United Europa? A beautiful idea that has come crumbling down since the outbreak of neo-liberalism in the late seventies and eightees of the twentieth century under the regime of Thatcher and Reagan.
  • EurOpinion
    I have great faith in Europa, that is: the common people of Europa with their common sense, not the institutions and their politicians.
    EurOpinion strongly believes that a Union of Europeans (actually "Community") has a great potential, in its citizens, to become an example for the rest of the World (as it may have been in its beginnings). An example that peoples of different cultures and languages can live together in peace, equality, justice and harmony with each other and with nature. In this sense we feel that Europa can be seen as a small scale model of global society, finding its strength precisely in its variety. EurOpinion considers culturo-diversity to be as healthy and necessary for global human society as is bio-diversity for nature and our planet.